Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Krk Naturist Guide

A Controversial Island

Signposts to churches everywhere, streets named by high Catholic officials, prohibitions to wear even short trousers (!) in some villages, youngsters with t-shirts of national football club, with big golden crosses on their necklaces and nazi helmets on their heads driving their motorcycles to fast... This is an image of many places in Croatia nowadays and so is at the Island of Krk, too. Not to mention the quiet majority, of course.

Unless that militant nationalists Krk is a pretty safe place and, surprisingly, very friendly to naturists and nudists! There are three naturist resorts in the biggest Croatian island: Politin, Konobe and the most attractive one, Buculuka. There's also many unofficial nudist beaches. To get more detailed information visit the expert of Croatian naturism, Petya.

By my experience the best place to enjoy nudism on Krk is Bunculuka, a picturesque and quiet camping only 2 km away from crowded tourist town Baska. Location of the camp is ideal: close to town where you can buy all you need, but still hidden in a little valley. On the south-east side of the camp are many beautiful beaches placed in to wilderness. Those beaches are out of the camp, but still for nudists, unless you can find also some textiles there. There's much more about that beaches in Living Book of Naturism, text and about 1000 original photos.

It is easy to get on Krk by car. You have to get to Rijeka and drive along the coast to Kraljevica and then across the bridge to island Krk. Using the bridge is charged. When you get to the island, just follow waymarks to Baška and then to FKK Bunculuka. FKK is a German acronym for naturism and German is almost an "official" language in tourist part of Croatia.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The European Naturist Peninsula


When we talk about naturism or nudism in Croatia, we cannot overlook Istria (Istra), the northwest part of Croatia. This small part of land has many resorts for nudist and naturists. Starting with Kanegra autocamp on the north to Kazela autocamp and wonderful Premantura beaches.

nudism naturism fkk Croatia IstriaThe history of Croatian naturism actually started on the island of Rab, but the main part of it's development started in Istria and had a huge influence over development of naturism in the whole world! In the year 1961 the first modern naturist center on the Adriatic was opened on the islet Koversada and this fact shocked the world. People were wondering how it's possible to open such a liberal place in Tito's socialist Yugoslavia? Well, the answer is quite simple: that country was much more liberal than public opinion says. Naturists from former Yugoslavia are very proud of the fact we started the world naturist boom in early 60's. In the year 1974 naturism was defined at INF's world congress in Koversada, at that time much bigger resort than at it's start in 1961.

Nowadays Istria is still a very "naked" peninsula, unless after breaking of former Yugoslavia "democrats" came on power in Croatia. Since that time Catholic Church constantly trying to abolish naturism in Croatia, but without significant success. So if you want to taste the feeling of "golden age" of naturism, visit Istria and follow the FKK marks (it's an acronym of the German word Freikörperkultur, Free body culture).

In my opinion you can find the most relevant information about Croatian naturism at Petya's Free World, a specialized internet book on naturism. Authors are experts of this subject and there's a lot of their stories about their adventures in Croatian FKK resorts with many original pictures, of course.